About Us

Our mission is to bring the same efficient, world class processes and technologies available to global multinational companies to our schools in Nigeria.

In the next few years, we plan to develop a number of innovative technology-enabled solutions tailored to the needs and environment of schools across Africa.

Our Story

Firstly, we are Parents who want to see a continuation of progress in our education system which has produced so many successful individuals. We also have family and friends who run schools as owners, administrators or teachers.

Hence, from close quarters, we have seen most of the challenges experienced by schools and parents. Fortunately, from our experience working in global companies, we understand the role information and communications technology can play in achieving business outcomes.

Our objective is to add value to schools across Africa by developing technology products that helps foster better parent/school engagement, improve student learning outcomes and enable schools to run as better businesses.

Our Products

applyi.ng is an online school listing platform where SCHOOLS showcase their profile and achievements. They also provide important information to prospective parents including contact and admissions information.

PARENTS visit the platform to search for the right schools that meets their requirement. In addition, PARENTS can use the site’s rich functionalities to contact selected schools and eventually apply to schools accepting online applications.

Our Team

Femi has a background in delivering large scale IT implementations for global companies. However, his real passion is adding value to the education system across Africa through developing technology enabled solutions that addresses pain points for schools and parents.